Start Your Plastic Moulding Venture With Acme Disys

Due to cut-throat competition, different designs and patterns of containers are being introduced in the plastic product market across the globe. PET container designs are witnessing a drastic change at the cost borne by competitors to be more active and effective in the market with their unique and one-of-its-kind products. The preform molds, produced by pet preform dies manufacturers have become a prerequisite to carry out different operations of plastic containers.

However, 3D blow moulding and co-extrusion reshaping are pioneering techniques utilized for moulding plastic products along with the desired curves. With support of stretch blow moulding, a machinist can drastically reduce cycle time, and decrease the downtime of all other functional procedures also. Continue reading

8 Salient Features of High Quality Preform Molds

The unique hot runner system that makes use of the latest technology combines the best steel raw material and very much interchangeable standard part. It is a kind of guarantee for drop-to-drop consistency, great shot-to-shot repetitiveness, and longer life of the system. In this system, a fully balanced manifold capacitates a very tight tolerance of preform dimensions and weigh.

Leading Indian manufacturers like Acme Disys provides fully leak-proof guarantee for their hot runner systems. Each cavity has an independent heating and temperature control system giving reliability and stability to the products. Continue reading

High- Demand of Plastic Injection Mold Manufacturers

Injection moulding is one of the key processes for producing plastic articles. It is a quick process and is used to create huge numbers of identical items from high precision engineering components to disposable consumer goods. Injection mouldings count up a significant proportion of all plastics products from micro parts to large components. Practically all sectors of manufacturers use injection moulded parts. The flexibility in shape and size possible through use of this process has constantly extended the margins of design in plastics and enabled significant replacement of traditional materials.

 The basic injection mold making process is as follows:

  • Products design department provides product information to the injection mold design department, injection mold designers complete cost analysis and provide it to the manager.

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Enjoy Faster Cycle Time with Quality Injection Mold Makers

Plastic injection molding is at the heart of any injection mold making operation. If you wish to have high quality plastic parts then it is imperative that you look for a manufacturer that has the requisite expertise and sophisticated machines to give you exactly what you are looking for at affordable cost. A well-known and established injection mold maker can make a significant difference to your productivity and help you generate better return on your investments.

Reputable mold making firms can help you have the following advantages and benefits.

  • Faster cycle times
  • High quality finishing of high-tech injection-molded parts
  • Significantly lower cost of production
  • Plastic molded parts with relatively higher degree of accuracy i.e. very small number of rejected parts
  • Good manufacturers can also aid you in meeting deadlines

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The basics of Plastic Injection Molding

Plastic injection molding is a methodology that impels liquid plastic into a specific mold to make fully customized things like name plates, plaques, different types of signs and products related to branding elements. Once the plastic gets completely cooled, it is released from the mold to create an array of plastic parts for different types of purposes and industries.

The most popular use of injection mold equipment is made in:

  • Name plates of appliances
  • Name plates for industrial equipments
  • Branding and the license plates of the vehicles
  • Emblems of the cars
  • Recreational products and product identification

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Suitability of PET Molds as per Indian Climate

The demand of PET bottles and other sorts of containers is fairly high in India, owing to the vigorously changing weather that surprises inhabitants throughout the year. And, since for the most part of the year, the seasons render people thirsty, the industry of PET molding in this country always touches heights. A number of advanced molding techniques such as plastic injection molding are used by companies across the nation for manufacturing PET molds. One such corporation that is a center of extensive production of these essential products is Acme Disys, an exclusive firm based in Delhi.

The demand of good quality PET containers, for a well upheld supply of processed potable water and beverages, rises now and again without notice. And to attend to this need, mold manufacturer companies like Acme Disys, produce a commendable quality of plastic molds that eventually quench the thirst and soothe the dry throats of countless people. Be it for the manufacture of PET bottles or jars, every kind of mold, including cavitation molds, PET preform molds, mold inserts, plastic injection molds, mold bases, thin-walled molds, and cap molds, is key to the comprehensive plastic industry of India. Continue reading

PET Mold Industry Vital for Indian Economy

When certain environmentalists, consumer rights activists and even the National Green Tribunal (NGT) in India voiced their apprehensions on PET (polyethylene terephthalate) technology being used for packaging of food products and medicines, scientists conducted extensive studies to nullify such fears. The findings of these authentic studies as well as global certifications reiterated that PET bottles are safe for pharmaceutical packaging. The All India Plastics Manufacturers Association also echoed the message that the Indian standards at times are more stringent than international standards.

Simultaneously, the FICCI (Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry) in association with Strategy&, the monitoring wing of global market survey and consultant, Price Waterhouse Coopers (PWC) also undertook a study on the proposal to impose a ban to restrict the use of plastics for packaging of all FMCG and non-essential items. Their observation was that an outright ban on use of polymer based materials like PET for packaging is not a prudent solution to address the concerns raised. Continue reading

Quality Molds for Superb PET Bottles

No sooner than the summer sets in, the demand for bottled water and assorted beverages touches new heights when the mercury rises in the peak sultry months with each passing day. It is at this juncture the mold making company becomes more prominent in catering to the needs of the bottling units spread across the length and breadth of India. It is the products and services provided by such an enterprise that the people are able to moisten their parched gullets and quench their thirst.

Yes, with the PET (polyethylene terephthalate) bottling technology almost replacing glass, ceramics and other materials, the mineral or filtered water and every beverage is packed in PET based containers. And in the making of every PET bottle or jar, the PET preform molds, cavitation molds, mold inserts, mold bases, plastic injection molds, cap molds and thin wall molds are very crucial. On this score, a reputed company like ACME Delhi NCR happens to be the hub for the production of these exclusive products.

This company named Acme Disys has mastered the art of tooling excellent quality range of mold inserts and bases. These are designed, developed and manufactured from high grade quality raw materials like imported standard steel as per the bottling unit or customer’s specifications. They may vary in terms of cavitation capacities. As for ensuring top quality and durability of every product, expert engineers and technicians randomly and accurately check every single input of raw materials to the finished product.

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Preform Molds for PET Bottling Units

Currently, almost all the large, medium and small industries engaged in the production of processed food including beverages, syrups, liquor and spirits, edible oils, filtered mineral water, cosmetics, shampoos, pharmaceuticals, industrial lubricants, pesticides and insecticides etc. pack their merchandise using technology of PET molding. The light weight durable and recyclable PET bottles and jars have replaced the fragile glass as the base of packing this wide range of items.

Thus there has been a consistent nationwide demand for the products and services of mold suppliers. However, the preform molds must possess qualities of high and optimum applications. The base metal for the molds should be steel of international standards, mostly of German, Swedish or Japanese make.

The designer and manufacturer of the molds should have an acknowledged expertise in developing modular concepts for standard interchangeable mold components as well as facilities for proper refurbishments. To cite an example, there are products of a company named Acme Disys markets can boast of. As for preform molds, it offers highly optimized PET preform mold solutions to all it’s customers across the globe resulting in weight saving, reduced cycle times and faster returns on investment.

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Trends in India’s Plastic Mold Industry

More than 90% of PET (polyethylene terephthalate) in India is consumed in food packaging with drinks/beverages forming almost 80% of the food packaging segment. As such there is a constant demand for high quality of products and services from plastic mold manufacturer. On this score, Acme Disys, a New Delhi-based company has risen to the occasion in providing preform mold solutions on a turnkey basis.

These molds range from 4 to 750 grams with neck sizes varying from 12 to 150 mms and Cap molds up to 72 cavities. On their part, the actual users look out for specially designed modular concepts that facilitate simplified exchange of inserts, simplified usage, low maintenance and problem free user benefits. This ISO certified company is also engaged in the design and manufacture of injection mold equipment to suit the customers’ needs.

On February 09, 2015, a global market research agency released the findings of its study titled ‘India – Recycling PET Market Outlook to 2019 – Growth Led by Inclining PET Bottle Availability and Production Capacity’. This study conducted in October, 2014 provides a comprehensive analysis of the of the various aspects such as market size, segmentation by end uses and future projections of the recycled polyester staple fibre, polyester sheets or films and polyester straps. This report also has covered prevalent trends and developments in the recycling PET industry, Government regulations, growth drivers and SWOT (strengths-weaknesses-opportunities-threats) analysis of the industry. Continue reading