8 Salient Features of High Quality Preform Molds

The unique hot runner system that makes use of the latest technology combines the best steel raw material and very much interchangeable standard part. It is a kind of guarantee for drop-to-drop consistency, great shot-to-shot repetitiveness, and longer life of the system. In this system, a fully balanced manifold capacitates a very tight tolerance of preform dimensions and weigh.

Leading Indian manufacturers like Acme Disys provides fully leak-proof guarantee for their hot runner systems. Each cavity has an independent heating and temperature control system giving reliability and stability to the products.

Salient features of pet preform hot runner molds include the following-

  1. Well-optimised preform design that ensures highly dynamic outcome in bottle blowing
  2. Preform molds having valve gate hot runner system
  3. Manufacturing is done following the modular concept for standard interchangeable mold components that puts replacement on ease.
  4. The variation in wall thickness of ±0.10 mm
  5. Machining and forming tolerances of the order of 0.005 mm (5 microns)
  6. A turbulent water flow and well-balanced cooling duct for consistency in temperature reduction and efficiency in heat transfer
  7. Application of globally recognised two-step dual taper locating methodology
  8. Independent and efficient self-locking of each and every cavity that ensures high concentricity of product

Acme Disys is one of the leading manufactures and suppliers of injection cap molds in India holding a market leading position. With its superior quality products and time-bound deliveries, Acme has earned a formidable reputation among its international clients who consider the company as their most preferred business partner.

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